Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When all went wrong

For long a bird had been caged,
Incarcerated by a witch.

In there fear and dearth loomed,
Only the pain of aloofness zoomed,
Life of bird looked to be doomed,
No one was to be blamed,
It was bird that got itself framed.

Reminiscing the beautiful day,when,
Bird was going back to its nest,
Chipping with its pals,
It heard witch’s mellifluous voice,
With superfluous knowledge of world,
Disarmed by beauty and grace,
Lonely bird flew to the witch,
Standing inside the cage,
With a flash of bright light,
Melodious magical words,
Witch immured the prey.

Unassuming bird first felt comfort in custody,
Then like weather day started to change,
Living in plight,
Without a single ray of light,
Tears vanished in the dark,
Cries and shrieks subdued inside bulwark.

Some days witch came to enjoy,
Watch the bird’s fight for flight.

Lonely bird fought,
With inner invisible demons,
Hitting the un-visible bars,
Smelling the presence of loneliness,
Jumping in darkness,
Creating scene of unfathomable madness.

One day in darkness of cage,
After the madness and rage,
Bird lay in red pool,
Witch was confused,
Never assumed bird to be so weak,
This was best trophy of all her barbarity,
She chanted around the mystic cage,
The shibboleth NO! NO! NO!
Words permeated through air,
Like the fragrance the flower,
The cage opened like a blossoming rose.

Suddenly from the blood,
Like phoenix rose the bird,
With whole strength it flew,
Fast as it can, Far as it can go,
The witch was tricked.

The witch standing in cage,
Loathing on her loss,
Uttered in disgust NO! NO! NO!
Once again the cage got immured,
In darkness once again time froze.


Aditya Dogra said...

pankaj ,nice depiction of freedom . Dont you think a part of this poem should be dedicated to our Seniors and Ragging because the way you revolve around the bird and its independence , so is the Ragging and that cool breeze after ragging ;-

pankaj said...

Dogra, Apni freedom toh bahut mushkilon se mili thi. Witch would be a bad synonym for our seniors. The witches will curse me that I have compared them with our seniors. But yes freedom is panacea that makes life beautiful and livable.