Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year

A decade! A year! Is about to come to an end. Few people plan to celebrate the year end while others are gearing up for a new beginning. With a new sun rise on 1st January people will find the end of old and beginning of new, wearing out of old memories and sprouting of new thoughts.

Is it so discrete and lines are so clear that we can differentiate between what existed 2 minutes back is no longer there. There is a question with in me, do things really end or start on a particular day or moment.

Isn’t it that in daily life we come across so many things that cause ceasing of old and fostering of new? Does one wait till 31st night to tell someone that things are over between them? Yes, I know a few who plan everything but the count is minimal. If we have to make amendments like changing job, do we wait for year end? No, we don’t wait we act as time require. Doesn’t that make the whole purpose of New Year so muddled up?

So why is this noise regarding New Year celebrations and new year resolutions, these promises are not going to be followed or kept till next month end forget about next decade. Doesn’t that make the New Year celebrations phony? My answer would be a strange but sincere No.

This is not an apprehensive No, but a resolute No. The lines might not be so much perceptible. The things not might be so rigid and disciplined to follow the timelines. The 31st might not be immeasurably different from any other day of year in literal or physical sense.

The reason behind resoluteness; on the physiological level for many people like me it makes a difference. We take time to reflect back on what had happened during last one year. We appraise ourselves, create resolutions to improve and make progress. The resolutions might not be followed till end of next week but they get imbued in new forms.

This New Year my friends take a hard look at your life as I am doing. Things might not be as great as we all expected, the goals we had set might not have been achieved in the way we wanted and the circumstances may have wrecked havoc on your soul.
Fear not the protracted length of journey and never let the languidness overcome your enthusiasm. The new dawn of 1st will give you a new hope and strength.

Wishing all a happy and prolific new year

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Aditya Dogra said...

Pankaj , really a nice writeup. I agree with you in the point that there is no discrete lines of demarcation to say what existed 2 minutes back is no longer there. But as you mentioned in the end of the post thats its all human psychology. These dates and years are man made and ending of one year and starting of another .. all this is in mind .

Woh college mein ragging ke time ka ek rule tha naa ..!!!

Agar India match jeet gayi tho seniors khusi mein daru piye gaye aur juniors ko khusi mein maare gaye ... aur agar India match haar gayi , tho gum mein daru piye gaye aur maaare gaye ... In short , they need reasons to celebrate and beating .. similar is for all humans .. We need reasons to celebrate and mourn ..
Here new year is just for making new resolutions .. draining old memories and as you mentioned dumping someone ;-)

All we need to do is to celebrate life and living .. so Happy new year dost