Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Journey of a Broken Leaf

In the black tantalizing night,
There was a violent storm,
The moon and stars had disappeared,
My eyes were muddled and mind was befuddled,
A powerful gush of wind shook me,
It shook me again and again,
I felt like I never have felt before,
With the frightening pain I was thrown away,
I felt sore with numerous bruises my body bore,
It was dark and I felt cold and numb,
The first ray of sun pampered me,
I found myself freely flowing with wind,
Flying high and low on the troughs and crests of cold air,
With the rising sun I started singing and swinging,
I found many of my kind tossed and ruffled like me,
We all were floating away from where I stood for so long,
I felt librated and gleeful,
I had seen so many of my kiths and kins being shook and sent afar,
They all went away on similar journey to never return back,
Elated with feeling of freedom I persisted with my voyage,
I was curious now what next,
With each passing hour the sun got ferocious,
The sap of my body started dwindling,
My mind started flickering,
The inhospitable wind unloaded me,
With unsteady eyes I saw the sun going down far-2 away,
With each passing minute I can see it coming,
I knew why who left never came back,
I was one among thousands lying on ground juxtaposed,
We were moaning in pain and making rustling sound,
I am a broken leaf,
One among the thousands lying down,
Far away from where I stood for so long.