Friday, June 12, 2009

Eternal fulfilment

What makes your mind suddenly blank, you try to speak and your throat is dry; whatever you do or try no word will come out of your mouth. This had happened to me many times with me. Yes, I am too young to be stuck by heart attack or paralyzing attacks. But it’s not a medical condition, it’s what happens to each one of us when we first time come on the stage. This is stage-o-phobia that we all face. A cool dude, kid, 80 year old when comes on stage things gets blur. What to do in these situations. Here celerity won’t help and simplest mantra in life to achieve anything and everything is to practice.

So, where can I practice? I had this question for so long. Speaking before mirror didn’t help me. My father stopped replacing mirror after he found 10th borken mirror. I was intelligent. So, I started to speak on bus stop where I used to catch the bus excellent outcome for me the fully filled bus I used to get on used to become empty and I can go school in peace. But my happiness was short lived as bus stopped to stop at my stop and my wish of for audience once again was left unfulfilled. I tried so many methods to get audience they always benefited in other ways; like lots of people started buying the ear plug so electronics shop guy gave me a loud speaker free and some people started giving me chocolates or other stuff to keep me busy and my mouth shut.

One day truth stuck me how extremely good speaker I am. When I used to go school in path one place where there used to sit lot of monkeys sit. I started giving my usual speech and all of sudden all the monstrous monkeys were gone. That day was day I achieved something I feel proud of. Still question was I needed the audiences, dogs were chained audiences but I wanted my audiences to be proactive, free and help me become better speaker. Not dull dogs covering their ears. So, I left the dogs, monkeys in search for my heaven.
One fine day I joined CSC and came across a club Toastmasters. I found it very funny why IT company managers want their employees to be toast makers. Different thoughts sprawled my mind. I thought definitely it would be a cost saving technique or we are not going to be paid well or are they making us more useful like times of recession.
I went to one meeting without lunch with a feeling first day they will be serving guest with free lunch. Alas, my stomach has to ache for 11/2 hours. And all what I thought was right they adding value to us trying to add new qualities that can be useful in recession.
Best thing is it provided me to fulfil the dream of speaking fearless. Not to be afraid as I used to be standing at bus stop with bloodshot eyes all around or conductor pestering me. With that they provided me feedback to improve and best part was I can also thrash anyone with my evaluations. Great feeling when you are depressed, simply become an evaluator. It’s the simplest and easiest way to be regaining your calm. You can easily pour out all inside you and no one question. There are no managers or seniors you are on equal footing. Simply go in meeting kick your bosses’ ass. What a relief.
Anyone of you believe you have tendencies or problems like me simply search on internet for nearest community Toastmasters club and you will get solution of all your troubles. I am live example believe me else come and sit with me for hour and you will know it’s true.

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