Friday, February 5, 2010

Are we one

Under creaking old roof,
Cursing my luck aloud,
Bulldozed by the roars of clouds,
I saw you,
With rapt attention my eyes got fixated,
Suddenly there were only silent rain drops,
I felt that we know each other from eternity,
You were busy dealing with treacherous high heels,
Balancing like an acrobat on the wet, green, slippery path.
The straw stuffed roof harbored us,
You broke the spell with words,
Suddenly, the world around me was in uproar,
A hint of smile on your face brought world to peace,
Your words were in harmony with falling drops,
You shared memories of days gone by,
We unraveled the forgotten days,
Catching the glimpse of a master stroke,
Some memories bright as sunlight,
Few others draped by thunderstorms,
You may have thought it’s your Kaleidoscope,
And I was just another spectator,
Still I was fully aware,
We may have traversed different paths,
Thousand miles apart,
Still the experiences were truth of my journey,
 As much as they were your memories.

1 comment:

Samrat said...

Well written yaar........the pain and love could be felt while going through the lines....Nice one!!!!