Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A day passes by,
No one cares,
It makes a week,
We are tired,
By all the hardwork,
And we sleep whole day.

Few weeks pass by,
And whoosh!!!!!!
A month goes by,
We care and dare,
To peep back a bit,
See no remains to be done.

Then few months fly nearby,
The year is at end,
All the time,
We were on run,
The bells rings in head,
We look around and find,
We are older by year,
Still so much is left to be dared.

We mirror for few days and nights,
A whole year in,
Few soothing and flared moments,
Try to discover,
What we did and achieved,
And what remains there
To be conquered!!!!

Hope to do better next year,
Make resolutions and take decisions,
Needed to fulfill our dreams,
Goals to be accomplished,
This time surely……

It’s 31st night we jump,
We congratulate,
Make ourselves merry,
With a determination,
To cherish and relish them next year!!!!!

But we are sitting again,
Somewhere with familiar hopes,
The bells ring louder………
Oh again its time for New Year…

1 comment:

binay said...

Hi Pankaj,
These are not my cup of tea, so no suggestion from my side...But I do wish U all the best.....Keep Going!!!!!!