Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dropped out

Drops of rain were never alone they were there together till a moment the temperature changed and wind got harsh. They were travelling along all the way from sea to reach a destination which they never knew what it is, always moving in hands in hands with hope. But then things changed the starting getting apart falling with a speed they never experienced before, trying and trying hard to get slow and stop. The things are getting bigger and the sound in their ears getting clear “this is what your destiny is”. This is what all for which you started all started fighting and moved together. In way many thought there destination is somewhere else so there temperament made them to rise and in way some drops lost all the hope, lost their zeal and weight so they fell. We all saw them. We hoped best for them and moved on thinking something is there, to surprise us. We were happy when we saw the desert, the greenery, the love of sunflower, the speed of panther, burning of houses, hard work of farmers and building giving us space to rest. We all have dream to chase as we drops don’t live long. But see now all ahead getting bigger before my eyes. I know all the things I done are useless. We all were in search of illusion’s, we gave a try and moved forward. As a result we see at last everyone falling apart. Getting shattered and meeting to final destination, which was already there waiting for us with songs which I can’t hear anymore. We always knew everything is possible; truth at last is they know in world what can’t be changed and my friends now see..........
And I am I the drop which is looking at things enjoying the few words and scenes which are moving so fast that I never imagined and I never felt better before.

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